Impossibly thin. Beautifully strong.

In today's workplace, conference rooms are challenged with shrinking size as well as the need to adapt to evolving technologies. Traverse is a collection of two conference tables defined by narrow contours that broaden office space, bringing people together beautifully.

Traverse was meticulously designed to create profound presence. Despite its exquisitely simple design, the table places a premium on functionality through concealed technology and strong support.

Okamura's legacy of structual engineering, passion for creative materials, and signature craftsmanship unite in the Traverse Collection - recreating the conference table through engineered simplicity.


traverse V collection

v collection

The minimal silhouette of traverse v collection is achieved through a simple, canted leg design mirrored on either side of the table.

traverse X collection

x collection

The minimal silhouette of traverse x collection is achieved through a simple, visible cross structure.

Elegant Tabletop

The table top is incredibly thin, less than 1" at its thickest point and tapering to a knife edge. With a span of up to 20 feet long, the top creates the effect of a hovering plane, in a rectangle, boat or oval shape. The support structure is also remarkably minimal - yet structually strong enough for the top to extend well past the legs.

  • Knife


  • Flat


  • Flat metallic

    Flat metallic

Exquisite Finishes

Traverse tables are offered in fourteen beautiful, high quality finishes - ranging from traditional veneers to unique reconstituted woods. Transitions between sections of the tabletop are seamless, creating a single, uniterrupted, beautiful span.

Wood veneer

  • WE51 | Dyed Oak

    WE51 | Dyed Oak

  • WE52 | Dark Sapele

    WE52 | Dark Sapele

  • WE53 | Walnut

    WE53 | Walnut

  • WE54 | Teak

    WE54 | Teak

  • WE55 | Oak

    WE55 | Oak

  • WE56 | Figured Maple

    WE56 | Figured Maple

Reconstituted wood

  • WE61 | Pinstripe

    WE61 | Pinstripe

  • WE62 | Gray Stripe

    WE62 | Gray Stripe

  • WE65 | Blue Stripe

    WE65 | Blue Stripe

  • WE66 | Red Stripe

    WE66 | Red Stripe

  • WE67 | Golden Wall

    WE67 | Golden Wall

  • WE68 | Variegated Gray

    WE68 | Variegated Gray

  • WE64 | Beat

    WE64 | Beat

  • WE63 | Gray Silver

    WE63 | Gray Silver

Integrated Technology

Integrated technology is concealed within each design, allowing for future flexibility. As technology tools advance toward wireless offices, Traverse locates power and data in its Tech Cradle - a small connective box discreetly tucked under the table top. Cables are hidden within the legs, ensuring a polished look and more usable space.

Tech Cradle

  • Power charger
  • USB charger
  • HDMI
  • VGA
  • USB
  • RJ11
  • RJ45
  • *All tech cradle variations list on spec guide.

Shapes & Dimensions


Design Team

Traverse is designed by HOK Product Design®. Since 2009, HOK Product Design®, LLC has created innovative products for the built environment. Under the leadership of Senior Vice President and Director Susan Grossinger, the team partners with manufacturers to develop products that enhance their portfolios and strengthen their market presence.