Versatile meeting chairs offering maximum comfort

The Zart chair features a unique design that is simple yet stylish. A newly developed mesh material cradles the body in supreme comfort. Zart brings lightness and beauty to all office spaces.

  • iF product design award 2013
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Key Features and Specifications

Key Feture

  • The ergonomic curve of the backrest and the seat offering extreme comfort which is comparable to task chair.
  • The new mesh material features the woven fabric construction. It ensures excellent cushioning in the backrest and seating face for soft and comfortable seats.


  • Metal plated 13mm steel pipe frame
  • Adjustable seat elevation (*1)
  • Stacks 10 high on the floor, 30 high on a cart (*2)
  • Available from 4.2kg (9.3lbs) in chair weight (*3)
  • Stacking pitch : 36mm (1 3/8”) (*2)
  • *1 : for swivel model only
    *2 : for stackable model only
    *3 : for stackable model without arm

Styling Options

  • Swivel model
  • Stackable model

Customization Option

  • Shell color : Black / White
  • With / Without armrests

Seat Color

  • Black Shell
    Black (FZF1)
    Medium Blue (FZF2)
    Lime Green (FZF3)
    Red (FZF4)
    Medium Gray (FZF5)
    Sage (FZF6)
    Yellow (FZF7)
    Light Blue (FZF8)
  • White Shell
    Lime Green (FZF3)
    Sage (FZF6)
    Yellow (FZF7)
    Light Blue (FZF8)
    White (FZF9)


Surface Material Image

    • Black

    • FZF1
    • Medium Blue

    • FZF2
    • Lime Green

    • FZF3
    • Red

    • FZF4
    • Medium Gray

    • FZF5
    • Sage

    • FZF6
    • Yellow

    • FZF7
    • Light Blue

    • FZF8
    • White

    • FZF9


Environmental Features

  • GREENGUARD Certified.
  • Zart
  • Designed for ease in separate materials for recycling.
  • The back and seat can be replaced separately, making for easy maintenance and a long service life.
  • Recycled resins are amply utilized to help make effective use of existing resources.


Here are the brochures of Zart. Click the document below to download.

Download (Further Information)

Here are 3D symbols. Click the name of the document to download.

To read the document, it requires Adobe Reader. Click here to download.

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