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Okamura Grand Fair 2015 Opening Ceremony is to open its doors today!

Dear followers of Okamura's information page, we hope you're enjoying this fall and getting ready for the holidays season!
Here, at Okamura too, Fall rhymes with Celebration, and like every year, we've been inviting our overseas partners to Tokyo-Japan, for our once-in-a-year "Grand Fair"!
Our partners from overseas: Europe, North America, South America, The Middle East, Asia, South East Asia and Oceania, so as much as 20 countries in total, expressed their desire to attend our 2015 Grand Fair, responding positively to our invitation for this international promotion event we're holding.
Last year, we've been welcoming more than 10,000 guests and we're expecting at least an equivalent success for this year's event! As you can imagine everyone is really excited about that!
This year our main theme of research, that took the name of "It's my style", will focus on the Organizational culture, the personal work styles, and the way they're linked.
As each individual has a different personality, each workplace also has its own culture, so we've been looking for hints to change our work approaches by reviewing the respective styles of each "individuals" and its "corporate ethics".
Last but not least, our participating partners will be able, beside learning about our products and visiting our showrooms and factories, to discover Tokyo itself, its exciting places of interest as well as to experience some typical Japanese traditional art techniques workshop!
So stay in touch with us for more information!

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