Pursuit of Safety and Durability

We confirm the quality and safety of products by conducting repeated durability and performance tests under in-house standards stricter than JIS or other industry standards. That way, customers can use our products for a long time with peace of mind.

Back Rest
Withstand repeated tilting back and a static force.

Withstand fatigue stresses and wear that occur as the result of the user dropping into the chair.

Caster/Chair Base
Withstand fatigue stresses and wear caused by moving the chair back and forth.

Chair back is just one area where durability tests are conducted. Others are tested including seats, legs, casters, gas springs and operating levers.

The cushion featuring varying degrees of hardness is the result of molding together three types of urethane of differing hardness. With that construction, both soft cushioning that doesn't put pressure on the thighs and holding for firm support for the buttocks are achieved.



Ergonomics Perspectivey

Okamura adopted early on the ankle-centered Ankle Tilt reclining method, which achieves a more natural relaxed posture based on ergonomic principles. That and Multiple Density Cushion, for which five years were spent in materials development, give seating comfort in a class above traditional seats.

Ankle-Tilt Reclining
The synchronized Ankle-Tilt reclining mechanism reflects Okamura's strong belief in ergonomically correct and user friendly products. The reclining movement with the load distributed from the ankle provides a natural movement that also reduces pressure to the upper leg area. Choral has a recliningu angle up to 23°.

Multiple Density Cushion
Multiple Density Molding technology realizes a seamless gradation molded cushion. The front area of the seat pad is soft, and the rear area is firm to increase hold to the user's body. This 3D support distributes body weight evenly to reduce pressure points and so improves blood circulation for health sitting and superior comfort.

Seat Pivot Suspension
Using our pivot suspension support a simple pivot joint at both sides on outside edges of the seat frame allows the plastic seat pan to flex and provide that extra comfort..


High Productivity and Stable Supply

We thoroughly eliminate waste that does not lead to added value through the Okamura Production System(OPS), our own system for managing production. With that, we improve productivity and stabilize quality in an aim to achieve a business structure right for manufacturing craftsmanship.

Both lines and cells are used to make production capacity adjustments possible. Production lines are constantly being upgraded to increase efficiency.


Passing Down Fabrication Techniques

Okamura has a long history in metalworking, going back to thin plate fabrication technology for aircraft and automobiles. Today, we foster specialists through in-house education at our Technology and Skill Training Center and by promoting acquisition on national skill certifications. Our accumulation of technologies is what breathes life into our products.

To help ensure that the outstanding skills of veteran employees are transferred to young employees, we regularly hold skill training workshops. At these workshops, we have implemented approaches that allow us to know at a glance how young employees are progressing.